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Here are some great local projects I've gotten to work on:


George wants his comatose wife to know of the success of their estranged son. His solution is to try and duplicate the most successful painting their son has done.

(Producer, Director, Editor)

Once Upon a Time in the Wasteland

All about a man's quest for revenge. It combines every western and 80's movie trope you can think of.

(Director of Photography, ADR)

Tossing Wombat

A very awkward conversation that happens in awkward locations. And there's an elephant.

(Director, Editor

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Trailer

An advertisement for an upcoming show by Theatre Tulsa.

(Filmed, Edited, Graphics)

GODS Logo Animation

One of several logo animations that I made for the Henneke Center.


Lunch Break

What if food could be weaponized?

(Director of Photography)

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